Labour law

Labour law is becoming increasingly more complex, especially in the regulation of individual employment relationships. The sectoral legislation demands excellent knowledge and understanding of the reasons for termination of an employment contract and the correct execution thereof, along with the knowledge of the system of determining disciplinary responsibility and court proceedings. Our extensive experience from the field of litigation and knowledge of employment relationship case law enable us to provide our clients with expert counsel in all aspects of employment relationship regulation.

Due to the implementation of strict rules of the labour legislation and the reversal of the burden of proof to the employer in potential legal proceedings, employees increasingly seek assistance and advice from external experts. With our knowledge and understanding of labour legislation, you are guaranteed the correct and legal implementation of complex procedures.

Our law firm is also active in the field of collective labour law; thus, we provide counsel to syndicates and employers in the process of accepting and changing the employer’s collective employment agreements and collective business activities agreements. Collective negotiations of social partners are an especially sensitive field which must be navigated with the proper and expert approach in order to maintain social peace on the one hand and competitive labour costs on the other, ensuring decent work and economic safety for employees.